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Project Snapshots

Accelerated Needs Assessment and Learning Design

Challenge: To rapidly surface learning needs resulting from a large-scale Business Transformation initiative and lead the design and development of supporting learning solutions (classroom, e-learning and paper-based methodologies).

Overview: Designed and applied an accelerated needs assessment approach to 200+ complex business initiatives and project streams, prioritized them based on scope of learning requirements and created detailed recommendations for learning solutions including methodology, development requirements, and cost.

Results: The recommendations were approved by the Executive Steering team and have been or are in the process of being implemented. We designed and developed many of the supporting learning solutions.

Supply Chain Onboarding and Learning

Challenge: To assist in the onboarding and orientation of a new role within a Supply Chain group through the assessment of learning needs and development of supporting tools and materials.

Overview: Developed a comprehensive supply chain learning system to successfully onboard new team members into a complex team environment. Key deliverables included a learning roadmap, orientation guide with profiles on all supply chain groups, and modules on strategic sourcing and procurement.

Results: The orientation package is currently used for both new team member onboarding and as a key communication piece to educate and inform the organization more broadly on Supply Chain roles and accountabilities.

Change Process and Tools

Challenge: To introduce a simple change framework and supporting tools across a large logistics organization

Overview: Designed and supported the successful implementation of a clear and innovative approach to change management, PACE – Keep PACE with Change, which introduced a model of Plan, Assess, Communicate, and Engage across all levels of the client organization. Supporting learning included a comprehensive PACE toolkit and series of case-based workshops delivered via WebEx.

Results: PACE is now part of the organizational vernacular with the framework and supporting references entrenched as part of daily work practices.

HR Service Centre Launch

Challenge: To design and develop an effective learning solution to support the launch of a new, centralized HR Service Centre.

Overview: Designed an end-to-end learning solution to onboard new employees and launch a new centralized HR service centre under tight time constraints. Learning included e-learning modules on HR specialty areas such as compensation and rewards, health and safety, and labour relations.

Results: The HR Service Centre launch was a success, with service standards met from the go-live date. Our client received the highest employee commendation for her work on this initiative.


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